18 BMW i3 Models Get Special Gold Paint Job But You Can't Buy Them

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But they will be available to rent.

It's already been phased out for a while in the United States, but the BMW i3 recently ended global production. The final run of 10 cars were marked as a special HomeRun Edition with matte paint, with the 10th and final example being the 250,000th i3 ever produced. While those cars were reportedly the last ones produced from BMW's Leipzig factory, BMW just showed off 18 more "final" examples finished in a special Galvanic Gold color. This is a pretty sweet hue, but it's not unique to these 18 cars.

Much like the final 18 i8 examples, these golden i3s were lined up at the BMW Welt for a special send-off ceremony. All of the cars will be delivered to rental company CarVia, where they will be available to abuse for around $41 per day.


"At the start of its series production eight and a half years ago, it was considered a visionary and exotic," BMW said in a statement. "Since then, the compact vehicle with electric drive has established itself as a pioneer for locally emission-free driving pleasure and holistic sustainability."

Over those eight years, the i3 sold in 74 different countries. China was not one of them though, which is why BMW now sells a very different i3 based on the 3 Series sedan. By 2025, a global market i3 will be sold in sedan and wagon body styles, and likely brought to the US.


With the i4 and iX now on sale, BMW has moved on from its quirky electric hatchback to focus on EVs that more closely resemble the rest of its lineup. Both of these aforementioned EVs offer more than 300 miles of available range, easily exceeding the i3's archaic 153-mile max with the range extender. We wonder if these last 18 i3 examples or the Home Run Edition cars will ever sell for big money to BMW collectors who cherish a piece of the company's early EV history. Or perhaps this is just wishful thinking.


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