18 Ferrari 250 GTOs Gather at Le Mans Classic

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$400 million worth of classic Prancing Horses reunite for a spin around the Circuit de la Sarthe.

Every two years Le Mans invites the cream of the classic car crop to attend the Le Mans Classic event, and the undisputed highlight of this year's meet was the GTO Tour.

Of the 39 examples of the Ferrari 250 GTO that were made in the early 1960s, 18 of them got together at the legendary Circuit de la Sarthe, and videographer alexsmolik was standing by to capture them in this clip. At the low end of the scale one might be lucky to pick up one of these extremely sought-after, highly-prized automobiles for around $4 million, while at the top end a 1962 model, originally built for Sir Stirling Moss, recently sold for a world record $35 million. Averaging that out at around $20 million, what you can see here is around $350-400 million worth of absolute automotive royalty.

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