1,800-HP Dendrobium D-1 Electric Hypercar To Enter Production In The UK

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Singapore’s first electric hypercar will hit 0-62 mph in 2.7 seconds.

Since its debut at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, we haven't heard much about the Dendrobium D-1, Singapore's first ever hypercar. Production plans weren't announced at the time, but Dendrobium Automotive has now confirmed the D-1 will be built in the UK. The concept recently made its UK debut at the prestigious 2018 Salon Privé garden party event.

Originally, the D-1’s design was conceived by fellow Singaporean firm Vanda Electrics before being further developed by Dendrobium with help from Williams Advanced Engineering. Williams will also help handle production.

Dendrobium claims the D-1 will deliver 1,800 horsepower and 1,475 lb-ft of torque, but details about the battery pack are still being kept under wraps. The hypercar’s electric range and charging times also haven’t been confirmed, but Dendrobium says the battery will be a lithium-ion unit. Eventually, Dendrobium wants to use solid-state batteries for its in-house electric powertrain.

Two electric motors will propel the D-1 from 0-62 mph in 2.7 seconds before the car reaches a top speed of over 200 mph. As impressive as these specs are, the Dendrobium D-1 still falls short of its electric hypercar rivals such as the Rimac C_Two and Pininfarina PF0, which have more power and sub-two second 0-62 mph acceleration times.

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It will also be extremely heavy. Despite extensive use of carbon fiber including the tub, the D-1 will tip the scales at around 3,858 pounds. While we now know where the Dendrobium D-1 will be built, we still don’t know when it will start production or where it will be sold. During the concept’s reveal, Dendrobium hinted that the D-1 could launch in 2020, but no update has been given. As for the peculiar name, Dendrobium is named after an orchid in Singapore, with the car’s rear-opening doors and flip-up roof resembling the flower's petals.

“After an extensive career in the supercar industry, I can honestly say that Dendrobium Automotive is one of the most exciting and future-focused businesses I've ever been involved with,” Dendrobium CEO and Chairman Nigel Gordon-Stewart said. “We are designing our own in-house all-electric power rain and we plan to use our own power storage cells moving to solid state as and when the technology is reliable and financially viable.”