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18,000 New Jeep Wranglers Being Recalled For Faulty Frame Welds

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Is your Wrangler one of them?

According to the JL Wrangler Forum, around 18,000 2018 and 2019 Jeep Wranglers are about to be recalled due to a faulty frame weld on the front track bar mount. FCA has apparently confirmed the defect but the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has yet to issue an official recall. Fortunately, the automaker confirmed to CNET that no injuries or accidents have been reported. Jalopnik further learned that although Jeep will inspect around 18,000 new Wranglers, only 720 units are currently known to be defective. In other words, better be safe than sorry.

This isn't the first time the new Jeep Wrangler has been recalled. One previous recall was also particularly troublesome, also involving poor welding. In that case, a steering shaft could have potentially separated because of the manufacturing error. For this latest production fault, Jeep says the welding defect could enable the track bar to separate from the frame and affect steering, "which can cause a vehicle crash without prior warning."

Obviously, any recall for all automakers is an important and potentially dangerous issue, but this is the all-new Wrangler here, Jeep's signature model. Put it like this: the Wrangler is FCA's second-best selling vehicle in the US. Failure is not an option and the fact there have been a few recalls so early into the new Wrangler's lifecycle is a little troubling.

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Fortunately, Jeep is on top of the issue and some of the defective SUVs haven't even been sold yet. Jeep rightly instructed dealerships with those specific VINs on their lots to halt sales until inspections and any necessary repairs have been completed. Hopefully, Jeep will get those manufacturing issues sorted out soon because not only will Wrangler demand continue to be high, but also because the upcoming pickup truck version, slated to be called Scrambler, is coming very soon.