1,900-HP Pininfarina Battista Inspired By Famous Ferrari

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Although Enzo Ferrari refused to call it a 'Ferrari'.

The Pininfarina Battista represents the future of hypercars. Even Mr. Pininfarina himself admits that the "revolution of electric vehicles" is underway. With a total of 1,900 hp and plenty of instant torque, the Battista, limited to just 150 examples globally, is very much a part of this new electrified era.

We sat down with Paolo Pininfarina, son of Sergio Pininfarina and grandson of Battista Pininfarina, at the Geneva Motor Show last week to discuss his design firm's latest creation. Although the Battista, named for his grandfather, is essentially a heavily re-bodied Rimac Concept_Two, Pininfarina still took inspiration from an iconic Ferrari that also broke new ground, the 1968 Dino.

"We have never been afraid of the future. We have never been afraid of innovation, Pininfarina said. "One example is the Dino. The first Ferrari with a six-cylinder engine. Mid-engined, too. It was such a novelty compared to the other cars Mr. Ferrari built. But we were onboard and my father said the Dino was one of his favorite projects. It still serves as an inspiration."

The Dino was the brainchild of Enzo Ferrari's eldest son and heir apparent, Alfredo 'Dino' Ferrari. A mechanical engineer by training, the younger Ferrari, who passed away in 1956 at the age of 24 from complications related to muscular dystrophy, persuaded his father to build a mid-engine, six-cylinder sports car due to its better weight distribution and a number of other benefits. But the elder Ferrari, likely in his grief, refused to label the resulting car as a Ferrari. Instead, 'Dino' became the marque.

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"For me, this car (the Battista) that's fully electric with the batteries on the floor and a new kind of aerodynamics is something my father would really appreciate. It's revolutionary like the Dino." Production is slated to kick off next year and once those planned 150 examples are sold out, that'll be it.

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