1911 Blitzrn-Benz

The Bugatti Veryron Super Sport is an impressive vehicle, for a car, but 100 years ago the fastest car in the world was also the fastest vehicle of any type in the world. That title was claimed by the Mercedes-Benz 200hp, referred to by the Americans who took it up its record-breaking 141mph as the "Blitzen-Benz". The Blitzen-Benz set its first speed record for cars of 127mph in 1909 in Brooklands, England, but it still fell short of the record for all vehicles.

That record was 130mph and was set in 1903 by a rail vehicle. But it was 100 years ago this year that the Blitzen-Benz got up to 141mph in Daytona Beach Florida and became the fastest vehicle in the world. That speed might not seem so impressive now, but we think almost any speed on tires that skinny would be quite the white-knuckle ride.

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