1,914-HP Rimac Nevera Is Officially Road-Legal

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The first of 150 game-changing electric hypercars is now road legal!

There are a few names that stand out as pioneers of the automotive world. Karl Benz and Henry Ford were pioneers of the early age of mobility, while more than a hundred years on, Elon Musk's contribution to the automotive world cannot be understated. But while Musk has done much for the shift to electrification, there is another name we'd be remiss not to hold in the highest regard: Mate Rimac. What Musk did for commuter cars, Rimac has done for the hypercar. His contribution has been so vast that Porsche has even merged Bugatti with Rimac and appointed Mate as Bugatti Rimac's CEO. But before we see the first electric Bugatti, Rimac's own mainstream creation has taken the next step towards legendary status, as the first Rimac Nevera has been legally registered for street use.

Mate Rimac/Facebook
Mate Rimac/Facebook
Mate Rimac/Facebook

In a Facebook post, Mate Rimac confirmed that after a five-year development process involving more than 1,000 people and 17 development prototypes - including the ones that set ¼-mile records - the first production Nevera was officially registered yesterday in the brand's home country of Croatia. The development process entailed nine of the 17 prototypes being utterly destroyed during 45 crash tests and other grueling developmental testing, but the long and arduous journey has finally paid off.

In a nerdy nod to the car's performance, the first Nevera was registered with the license plate ZG 2360 NM, the latter six digits representing the torque output of the four electric motors - 2,360 Nm, or 1,741 lb-ft.

Rimac says that while the first car will reside in Croatia, it will soon start arriving in other countries across the globe, including Monaco, the UK, USA, Germany, Japan, Canada, and more, indicating that orders have already been received from these countries. One will even be going to Christian von Koenigsegg.

As a quick reminder, just 150 Rimac Nevera's will be built. The car has been homologated for global sale, explaining the intense 45 crash tests for such a niche vehicle. The two-seat hypercar uses a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, four electric motors with 1,914 horsepower, and will hit 60 mph in 1.85 seconds in ideal conditions. It's managed the ¼-mile in 8.582 seconds, and it can reach a top speed of 258 mph, all while being able to travel 342 miles on a charge, according to WLTP standards. The 120-kWh battery pack can charge from empty to 80% in 19 mins courtesy of 500 kW charging architecture.

Thanks to its 13 cameras, six radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and advanced AI computing technology with over-the-air updates, the Rimac Nevera will also be capable of highly advanced autonomous capabilities, when you aren't lighting up the racetrack.

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