1929 Ford Snowmobile

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This unusual classic is up for sale and ready for anything.

Snowmobiles aren't such a new invention. Crude though they may have been in their early days, snowmobiles have worked in pretty much the same fashion for quite a few decades. So although the converted Ford Model A you see here dates back to 1929, it is still instantly recognizable as a machine built to handle the snow. The Ford was modified with the intent of delivering mail in rural areas, back in the days when snowplows or even roads weren't as common.

The Model A certainly seems to be in good shape, and it is presently for sale for $24,000 on Hemmings. It is presently in Elkhorn, West Virginia, and although the seller's description doesn't say whether it actually did duty as a mail truck there, it is certainly the sort of area which its designers would have had in mind. It looks like it's in good shape as well, so if you want a unique classic, this one is great deal.

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