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1929 Good Humor Truck for Auction in Hershey

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Ice cream! Get your ice cream! RM's got a Ford Model AA ice cream truck. On sale today.

If you liked the Coca-Cola truck and the popcorn wagon we brought you a couple of weeks ago, just wait until you feast your eyes (and your tongue) on this rolling slice of Americana. Up for auction today in (appropriately enough) Hershey, Pennsylvania, is this classic Good Humor ice cream truck. Based on a 1929 Ford Model AA, this truck was among the first used by Good Humor founder Harry Burt to sell his novel creation of chocolate-dipped ice cream on a stick.

The 3/4-ton chassis was outfitted with a refrigerated compartment kept cool by stores of dry ice packed in all around the truck. Having served frozen treats to countless happy customers young and old, the truck found its way in 1998 into the collection of Raymond H. Carr, who had it repainted and its lettering re-stenciled in 2010. It's now up for sale with estimates ranging from $30,000 to $40,000. (Photos by Owen Fitter, courtesy of RM Auctions.)

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