1931 Bugatti Royale Reproduction is a Masterpiece of Excess, Just Like the Original

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We have genuinely never seen anything quite like this.

It is fitting that the car you see here is a one-off project and truly herculean effort. Bugatti themselves only ever made six units of the original Type 41 Royale, and only actually sold three of them. The reproduction you see here is a copy of the Kellner Coupe, probably the most famous of the six originals. The body is custom, made from carbon fiber and the engine is a GMC V12, replacing Bugatti's 12.7-liter straight-8.

The wheels on this beast look to be reproductions of the ones used for Chrysler's relatively recent Imperial Concept. Perhaps the most incredible part is that this is a full-scale reproduction, which means the original vehicle's fifteen-foot wheelbase, 21-feet of overall length and five-foot height just at the hood should all have been preserved. The Buy It Now price on the car's eBay listing is a staggering $650,000, which is actually not far off from the original price, once it has been adjusted for inflation. It might seem like a lot, but all of that carbon fiber can't be cheap, and the real Kellner is valued at over $20 million.

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