1943 Jeep War Hero Returns Home

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To properly celebrate this old World War II era Jeep's 70th birthday, it made the trip from Italy back to Toledo, Ohio where it was built.

On June 3, 1943 an original Jeep Willys MB left the assembly line at the Toledo, Ohio production plant on its way to its new owner – the US Army. One month later it arrived in Sicily where it took part in World War II. Following the conflict, it was given to the Italian Army where it was again put into service. It was later sold to a series of private owners, including an Italian journalist named Vittorio Argento who bought it in 1984. He's still the owner but he also led the effort to bring the old Jeep home in honor of its 70th birthday.

The classic off-roader recently made the return trip across the Atlantic and was then driven 1,000 miles through New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio as it made its way back to Toledo. Many things have changed since it first left Toledo, such as a new production plant, but this old Jeep is now back where it all started. Whether you're a Jeep fan or not, the idea of bringing this one back to Toledo for its 70th birthday is just a really cool idea.

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