1950 Morrison Chevy Pickup on DRIVE

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A classic Chevy pickup is given a new lease on life thanks to a team of hot-rod specialists devoted to making it cooler than any '50s farmer (or Old Navy sales clerk) ever thought it could be.

If you were to happen upon any American farm in the 1950s and poke around the barn and silo, you'd likely find two machines there: a John Deere tractor, and a Chevy 3100 series pickup. The truck became a veritable icon of Americana, and decades later became the template for those pickups parked in Old Navy stores across the country. Its enduring shape is what prompted Craig Morrison and his company to modify this one with a new crate engine, automatic transmission and even a new chassis, which it builds in-house.

Everyone's favorite YouTube channel Drive checked out the resulting hot-rod pickup for the latest episode of its Big Muscle series, and you can check it out in the video below.

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