1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ Sounds Better in Italian

There's nothing not to love about this car. It's just perfect.

Yes, this entire video is in Italian. Just be sure to activate the English subtitles feature if your Italian is a bit rusty these days. When talking about and looking at a car like this 1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ Zagato, the whole experience is just better when that Romantic language is being spoken. What’s more, the owner of this car just so happens to be Andrea Zagato, whose grandfather Ugo Zagato started the iconic design firm some 95 years ago.

In the case of this particular Alfa, its minimalist design exists not only for improved performance, but also for essential beauty. And yes, it was a race car back in the day. Despite its age, the design still looks magnificent and the engine note is just beyond everything good and wonderful on this earth.

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