1960 Buick Invicta Was SEMA's Best Build This Year

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Its builder poured nine years into the gorgeous ride.

A California-based builder and his 1960 Buick Invicta Custom won the Mother's Battle of the Builders competition by Mothers Polish at the 2023 SEMA Show. The car in question is a Buick Invicta nicknamed the "X-60," and it's an automotive visual spectacle that incorporates the inspiring looks of the airborne Boeing B-52 Stratofortress.

Built to perfection by Andy Leach of Cal Auto Creations over nine years, the car reimagines what Buick could've done for the Invicta. For starters, Andy made the car's front end two inches shorter than the original Buick full-size model while increasing the length of the car's hood.

Cal Automotive Creations/Facebook @calautomotivecreations/Instagram Hemmings/Facebook @calautomotivecreations/Instagram

The face of the vehicle looks stock, but the original "cheek guards" were removed in favor of a wedged bumper that sits flush against the car's front edges. The rear also received a handcrafted one-piece bumper, brass trims, and the removal of Buick's VentiPorts from the front quarter panels.

The result of all these alterations is a more dynamic look that makes it appear as if it is barreling down a hill. Of note, Andy opted to keep its roof uncut and stock. He likewise retained some smattering of chrome but in fewer areas than the original car. In this regard, it feels like a modern Buick like the Enclave or even the much more technologically advanced Encore GX, both of which retain the chromed styling the brand is known for.

Completing the look of the vehicle are 19-inch wheels. Interestingly, these are not wrapped in real whitewall tires. Instead, it uses low-profile Pirellis to accommodate a modern-day brake system and provide the needed performance to match what the car is sporting under the hood.

Cal Automotive Creations/Facebook @alteredkustom/Instagram @calautomotivecreations/Instagram

The piece-de-resistance of the X-60 is its 401 Nailhead engine. It is fitted with a crank-drive supercharger that can help generate up to 600 horsepower, although we doubt you'll ever see a build as clean as this lining up at your local drag strip. More evidence suggesting its show-only status is found in the gorgeously reupholstered cabin, which is geared toward comfort and style.

Andy's custom Invicta is a piece of automotive art that will soon be hitting your screens as part of the SEMA: Battle of the Builders TV special, to be aired in January 2024 on the History Channel.

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