1963 Volkswagen Bus Goes For Big Money At Auction

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Rare 1963 Volkswagen Bus sells for $271,800 at this year's Barret-Jackson Orange County Auction. The vintage bus is a first-generation model that's been restored along with original features such as the ashtrays, luggage, rails and even the original radio.

If you had $271,800 to spend on a car, which one would you choose? Just to give you an idea on what you could have bought for that money, here are a few examples: A new Lamborghini Gallardo starts from $175,000 for the hardtop and $195,000 for the roadster, a Bentley Continental GTC for $189,000 or maybe even a Ferrari F430 at a "reasonable" price tag of only $168,000.

Or perhaps would you spend that cash on a 1963 Volkswagen 23 Window Bus? Well, one "lucky" bidder won the 23 Window Bus at the Barrett-Jackson Orange County Auction last weekend with a staggering price tag of $271,800. The vintage Mouse Grey and pearl-white VW Samba Microbus is a first-generation model and has been restored to slightly better condition. Under that lovely Mouse Grey hood, the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine is mated to a manual transmission. The ashtrays, luggage rails and original radio have all been restored.


The owner can now lay back and listen to The Beach Boys Good Vibrations while cruising the open highways or empty bus stations looking for passengers. All kidding aside, this Volkswagen Bus will most certainly be a valuable addition to any vintage collector's garage. Photos courtesy of Barrett-Jackson.

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