1964 Ford GT40 Prototype Heading to Auction

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Designed as Henry Ford II's middle finger to Enzo Ferrari.

The Ford GT40 is a great piece of American automotive classics history, and nothing gets more historically significant than this 1964 prototype model of the car – up for auction by Mecum Auctions this April in Texas. The car was designed by Carroll Shelby upon special request from Henry Ford II, after a failed attempt to buy Ferrari and use its technology to enter the European racing scene. Ford decided, if you can't buy'em –beat'em.

Photos by David Newhardt Courtesy of Mecum Auctions

The first GT40 was presented 50 years ago, on April 1 1964 at the New York Auto Show. Mecum says this prototype is still fitted with the original 4.7-liter (289-cubic-inch) V8 engine, which was mated to a Colotti four-speed transmission. With its long history and the fantastic shape it's in, this GT40 should make quite an impression when it crosses the block in a few weeks.

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