Quarter Mile

1965 Ford Mustang Storms an Eight-Second Quarter-Mile

As fast as anything we've seen on the drag strip.

There were some blisteringly fast cars at a recent gathering at the Heathecote Park Raceway, near Melbourne, Australia. But this turbocharged Ford Mustang really caught our eye. Powered by a Tunnel Vision Ford 3.8-liter six-cylinder, (destroked from 4.0 liters and fitted with a Garrett GTX45R turbo delivering 40 pis of boost,) coupled with a Haltech Platinum EFI, a four-inch exhaust, and a Preston Automatics Powerglide two-speed sending power to the 275-mm Street radials, this 1965 Stang is an animal on the strip.

Check it out making some lightning runs consistently in the mid-eights; its best run an 8.52 seconds at 164 mph.

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