1966 Mustang + Volvo 240 = Shooting-Brake Hearse

Oh, the things you can find on eBay.

Although this car could easily fit into one of our Car Mod Atrocities features, we thought this eBay atrocity deserved an article of its own. The car, which was sold yesterday for $35,100, is a unique molding of a 1966 Ford Mustang and a Volvo 240DL station wagon. The seller calls it a “sedan delivery”, but it looks more like an attempt to build a Mustang shooting brake, or maybe a hearse. Finished in midnight purple paint, it actually delivers some unique utility and performance.

Once you have gotten over the car’s unorthodox exterior, you may actually enjoy its 514 cubic inch (8.4-liter) V-8 engine, not to mention its upgraded transmission, steering and rear-end. With 200 miles on the clock since restoration, it should also be just as fresh as it was in 1966 (or in the 1980s, when the Volvo was produced). Is this an awesome marriage or a match made in hell? For one happy buyer, the answer is soon to be clarified.

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