1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mark 1A Rolls Into Jay Leno’s Garage

British motoring meets American muscle in a roadster with Cobra DNA.

Apparently there was a time when Jay Leno was too broke to look after his beat-up Sunbeam Tiger. After being forced to auction off the poor man's Cobra for a couple of thousand bucks, things obviously picked up for the comedian and he never looked back. That was until he spotted a mint-condition 1966 Mark 1A drive by. Bringing back memories of prom dates melting in the passenger seat, the Forest Green American-European-hybrid compelled Jay to invite driver and car to his garage.

Originally powered by a 4.3-liter Ford Windsor V8, when Chrysler bought out Sunbeam in 1967 there was no longer a place in the stable for the Tiger. Thankfully it has a loyal fan base, and as an affordable classic sports car it's easy to see why.

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