1970s Mercedes El Camino is One Cool Cab


1979 Mercedes 300TD comes with functional tailgate.

Before the E-Class, Mercedes built the W123 series. It was a very cool ride for its day. It was also extremely solid, which is perhaps why Bill's Auto & Body decided to convert this particular example, a 300TD, into a pickup. The wagon's rear end was chopped off and replaced with a working tailgate taken from a Chevy El Camino bed. If this is a car you simply MUST have, then you're in luck as it's currently listed on eBay with the latest bid (as of writing) a mere $8,300.

With just 149,800 miles on the clock, a recent transmission rebuild, a classic 3.0-liter five-pot diesel, and a proper set of wheels, this has got to be worth a look. Being almost 40 years old, it does require some work however. The wood on the tailgate is looking a bit miserable, the paint's chipped, and it could do with a new carpet. The interior, however, comes with Recaro seats wrapped in blue velour and an original radio in full working order.

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