1973 Porsche 2.7 RS is the Essence of Purity

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The 911 RS remains Porsche in its purest form.

When Porsche set out to build the 911 2.7 RS it strove for purity. It was to be the ultimate road car and one that could also be thrown around the track on a whim. The hardcore Carrera RS was 115 kg lighter than the standard 911S, had a stiffened suspension, wider wheels housing larger brakes, and a visceral sounding 210-hp flat-six snuggled under the iconic ducktail rear spoiler. Architect Jonathan Segal is attracted to minimalist design in buildings and his choice of signal-yellow RS shows that love of purity is extended to rare automobiles.

In the latest Petrolicious installment, he talks poetically about one of the finest sports cars ever built before putting his foot down and taking it to the redline.

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