1973 VW Beetle with Subaru WRX STi Power

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, head to Romania where it’s on sale for about $80,000.

Upon its release in 1973, the VW Super Beetle was powered by an air-cooled 1.3-liter engine with output rated at 44hp. Even with this so-called "power" it was widely considered to be a handful to drive on the road. However someone obviously thought it wasn't enough of a challenge and so fitted a potent 2.0-liter turbocharged boxer engine taken from a Subaru WRX STi engine giving it almost seven times as much power.

The converted Beetle STi is currently listed on a Romania car sales website called Webcar, and in describing the car the advert informs it has been given numerous engine upgrades, and that it boasts Porsche-sourced brakes, wheels and other accessories, although alarmingly makes no reference to any suspension upgrades. Equally alarming is the price, as if you want to cruise around in a classic '70s Beetle with 282hp under the hood there's the small matter of parting with €59,990. Good luck selling that!

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