1974 VW Karmann Ghia Ready for Baja

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A VW Karmann Ghia with a raised suspension for some sand dune intense racing? Sure, why not.

When thinking of a vehicle to race in the Baja rally or any similar event, the Volkswagen Karmann Ghia is usually not the first thing that comes to mind, if at all. Yet someone thought such a car would be a fine idea when they converted this old 1974 Karmann Ghia into a Baja racer. With its raised suspension and matte black body, this little coupe includes a three-rib bus transmission with a 1600 cc single-port engine, a roll cage, an engine cage and front disc brakes. We think it actually looks pretty cool.

The builders also added front and back skid plates and aluminum floor pans. It supposedly still runs well and for $2,500 it can be yours, as it's up for sale on Hemmings classified section. No doubt you'll get plenty of stares whether you're driving it on regular streets or some wind-swept sand dunes.

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Source Credits: www.hemmings.com

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