1975 Jeep Cherokee S Upgraded With 485-HP HEMI V8, Modern Touches And $300,000 Price Tag

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Classic Jeep restomods don't get much better than this.

Vigilante 4x4 has done it again, creating another drool-worthy Jeep Cherokee restomod that may just become your next obsession. Based on a 1975 Jeep Cherokee S sourced in Texas, the company stripped the vehicle down to the metal before building it back up in the coolest way possible, putting a 485 hp 6.4-liter HEMI V8 under the hood and giving the truck a complete makeover.

Forget vintage Bronco or Landcruiser resto-mods, it's about time the Cherokee got the respect it deserves.

Vigilante 4x4 has become an expert in the Jeep resto-modding space, tackling everything from '60s Gladiators with Hellcat engines to '80s Wagoneers with freaking Hellephant engines. With each build, you get a vehicle with modern power and a bespoke chassis that will put many modern rock crawlers to shame. The company seems to be on something of a Cherokee kick now, and its newest creation is simply too good not to like.

Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4

The company spares no expense when building one of these projects. Working with a 50-year-old vehicle, everything needs to come off, and from there quite literally everything is redone. All of that power is now routed through a Tremec six-speed manual and sent to all four wheels courtesy of an Advance Adaptors Atlas--II transfer case. As this build is meant to conquer any terrain, Dana 44 front and 60 rear axles have been added to make any trail look like a cakewalk.

The SUV now utilizes Baer six-piston brake calipers with Hydratech hydroboost brake assistance to get this heavy beast to a stop, while a Borgeson power steering box makes it feel lighter on its toes. It will now soak up any bumps along the way thanks to the four-corner Eibach coil springs with Fox racing shock absorbers.

Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4

Thanks to the mighty HEMI V8, a new purpose-built high-density aluminum radiator with an 850W vintage air electric fan is now in place to keep things cool even while pushing hard. We know fuel economy is going to be abysmal on a vehicle like this, but just know a vented 26-gallon fuel tank will give you enough range to get where you're going, and the new Mopar cast iron high-flow manifold with Borla stainless steel mufflers will make getting there even more enjoyable.

The vehicle now features Brittany Blue with Glacier White strips along the sides and roof giving it the perfect 70's look. Lots of work was put into the inside as well to blend period-correct looks with modern-day conveniences. It's a lot of tan, but the Moore & Giles leather with a special flower pattern used looks downright incredible.

Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4

Keeping the AMC Jeep steering wheel is a great touch too. A Vintage Air Magnum V climate control unit was then used that blends in perfectly with the instrument cluster, but the head unit is definitely the best part. Starting with an original JL audio system, Vigilante somehow added Bluetooth and HD radio to the AM/FM/CB radio so you can listen to the perfect tune over the vehicle's six new speakers.

This isn't just an update, it's basically a modern-day vehicle with retro looks. It's an incredible level of detail that you normally see in the vintage Porsche tuner space as opposed to the Jeep one. Unfortunately, because of that, it comes at a serious cost. All Vigilante builds start at $295,000, and we wouldn't be surprised if that didn't include the donor vehicle.

Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4 Vigilante 4x4

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