1978 Ferrari 308 GTB Converted To Group B Rally Racer Up For Auction In Paris

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A pretty logical precursor to the 288 GTO.

The funny thing about Ferrari involvement in Group B rallying is that the most famous car produced for this purpose, the 288 GTO, is one that never actually raced. So what if you wanted a Ferrari with genuine Group B credentials? Well, look no further than this 1978 308 GTB, which was converted to a rally car and raced extensively in the 1984 European Rally Championships. It was built by the highly successful rally driver Antonio Zanini.

The 308 might seem like an odd choice as a rally car these days, but it should be remembered that rallying in those days involved a lot more tarmac. And indeed, this 308 was built only two years after the last championship won by a Lancia Stratos, also a mid-engined RWD car. But the most important thing to know about this car is that 1984 was also the year that Ferrari introduced the 288 GTO, another rally car based off the 308. That's a pretty strong endorsement right there, and Zanini should be recognized as having realized the rally potential of the 308. The car goes up for auction next month in Paris.

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