1979 Corvette Stolen 33 Years Ago Has Been Found

The last time this guy saw his Corvette was in 1981.

Detroit resident George Talley has always liked Corvettes. He also likes the ladies, who are known to like Corvettes, he claims. That's why Corvette ownership sounded like a good idea. So more than three decades ago he bought himself a 1979 Corvette. But in July of 1981, he parked it on Detroit's Jefferson Avenue and never saw it again. Corvettes also attract thieves. Talley figured the car was gone forever and moved on with life. He did, however, file a police report. And 33 years later that finally paid off.

Last week he received a call from AAA telling him the car had been recovered in Mississippi. It still runs and has just 47,000 miles on the clock. Not only is Talley getting his Vette back after all these years, but when GM Vice President Mark Reuss heard about this, he offered to have the car shipped back to Detroit at GM’s expense.

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