1984 Ford Bronco II Review Will Make You Laugh and Long For Old SUVs

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This is how cars were reviewed back in the 80s. Seriously.

It was really nothing more than an old Ford Ranger with a hardtop, but the Ford Bronco II also happened to be a solid compact SUV. Not a crossover, but an SUV with actual off-roading capabilities. There was a time when compact SUVs sold in fairly solid numbers, but that's obviously a thing of the past now. Don't mistake the Bronco II for the original Bronco, built from 1966 until 1996. OJ Simpson jokes need not apply here. The Bronco II was developed alongside the old Ranger as a competitor to the first generation Chevy Blazer.

You still see a few old Bronco IIs every now and then, but Motor Week has just released this retro 1984 review of the SUV. Call it cheesy, funny, or just plain bland, but we happen to love old school Motor Week. We grew up on it. So will there ever be a new Bronco? Probably not, but Ford did consider the idea back in 2004 with a new Bronco Concept.

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