1990 Jaguar XJ220 Prototype For Sale

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Before the Jaguar XJ220 went on sale, a few prototypes were put to the test. This is one of them.

There was a time when Jaguar built a supercar of which only 275 units were made. From 1992 until 1994 the XJ220 was the UK automaker's flagship, and it also just happened to be the fastest production car in the world at the time. It had a top speed of 213.1 mph, and was developed by Jaguar employees in their spare time. Before production officially began, a total five prototypes were built for testing purposes. And now one of those prototypes is for sale. The guys over at Carscoops managed to discover prototype 002 posted for sale on the i-bidder website.

According to the seller, this prototype was sometimes driven by Le Mans winner Andy Wallace and reportedly reached a speed of 186 mph while testing at the Bruntingthorpe circuit. Originally painted silver, it was given the red coat by Jaguar Sport's test drivers. Interestingly, this car is actually 7" shorter, 5.9" narrower and 397 lbs. lighter than the production version. Power comes from a twin-turbo engine that has a displacement between 3.2- and 3.5-liters. All told, it supposedly took 791 man hours to completely restore the car at a cost of over 80,000 Euros. No pricing was announced as interested parties must sign up to bid first.

Source Credits: carscoops.com

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