1994 Dodge Viper Has Just 504 Miles


And it's for sale.

The Dodge Viper may just be one of the coolest and greatest American high-performance cars of all time. It makes no apologies for being loud and hard to handle. That's what makes it great. What's equally great is finding a first-generation Viper that's still in near perfection condition. Low and behold, there just happens to be one that matches this description up for sale on eBay. This 1994 Dodge Viper has just – this is not a misprint – 504 miles on its clock. Power, of course, comes from that wonderful V10 engine mated to a six-speed manual gearbox.

The seller claims the car is in tip top shape; there are no scratches anywhere and even the tires are perfect. It also comes with the original service manual and window sticker. So how much does awesomeness like this cost? The asking price is just $37,500. Now that's the best Black Friday deal you'll find this year.

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