1997 McLaren F1 GT Is A Timeless, Priceless Classic

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One of the undisputed stars of this year's Geneva Motor Show.

Sitting next to the new McLaren 675LT and track-bound P1 GTR, you would think a model the British carmaker created almost twenty years ago would be overshadowed. But it's almost the complete opposite. The McLaren F1 GT on show in Geneva rarely makes it out of the McLaren Technology Center in Woking, so seeing one in person is a rare treat. It's one of just three ever made: 58F1GT is somewhere in Japan, 54F1GT lives in Brunei and this – 56XPGT – is owned by the factory.

Finished in dark green metallic, the F1 GT was built as a homologation special so McLaren could race long-tailed F1 GTRs, which were practically the same albeit with a massive rear wing. The F1 GT is also distinguished by widened wheel arches, bigger wheels and an extra front bumper diffuser. The cabin boasts a centrally-mounted sports seat and sports steering wheel.

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