1999 F&F Nissan Maxima Surfaces for $40,000

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Might seem like a lot to pay for a Maxima, especially if it wasn't actually in the movie.

In the wake of the death of Paul Walker, we've seen a few of the cars from The Fast & The Furious franchise go up for sale in various parts of the country. The latest is the 1999 Nissan Maxima driven by the character "Vince" in the first movie. The car now resides in Minnesota, and the asking price is $39,950. That would be a lot for a 1999 automatic Maxima, but movie cars values are very odd things indeed. There are a couple of issues with this car we feel compelled to address.

The first is with the taillights. Although they are certainly the kind of thing you see on a car like this in 2001, the car in the movie had stock taillights. The next issue is the exhaust, which in the movie was custom, and exited through a hole in the side of the bodywork. This car has a regular tailpipe, although it has been a long time since the 2001 movie, and it's entirely possible the car was converted back for any number of reasons. The owner obviously claims that it is 100% authentic, but it's very difficult to tell. Hat tip to Richard Campbell.

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