1st Model S in China is Mad Expensive


And it's not even legally allowed to be called "Tesla" there.

We all know China's economy is growing rapidly and that there's plenty of new found wealth with the nouveau riche spending big on everything from luxury apartments to Lamborghinis. As it turns out, and not so surprisingly, buying a Tesla Model S ain't exactly cheap either. Although a fully-loaded Model S will cost you over $100,000 in the US, it turns out it'll be way more in China, at least for the very first example.

That first Model S in China reportedly cost the equivalent of $410,500. In other words, that owner has also bought him or herself a little bit of celebrity for having the first Model S. Oddly enough, Tesla can't even legally use its own name in China. Why? Someone else there already owns the rights to it and was asking for too much money when Tesla came calling. The solution was to rename Tesla "Tuosule." Future Tuosule customers (sounds strange, we know) will be subject to additional import taxes, making their cars more expensive than in the US, but still less than $410,500.

Source Credits: scmp.com

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