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2,000-HP Electric Dragster Sets New Quarter-Mile Record

Piloted by Don 'Big Daddy' Garlits.

It’s taken a while to get used to the monastic silence of electric cars, but we don’t we’ll ever get used to watching a dragster fly down the drag strip without making a sound. It’s still an impressive sight, and this particular run especially so as Don ‘Big Daddy’ Garlits set a new quarter mile record for an electric dragster doing the run in 7.258 seconds at 184.01 mph, beating the previous record by 24.16 mph. The record-breaking run was made at Bradenton Motorsports Park, Florida, in Swamp Rat 37.

The first to hit 200 mph in a gasoline-powered dragster half-a-century ago, the 82-year-old father of drag racing was aiming to hit the double century in the 2,011-hp electric dragster that comes packing four lithium-polymer batteries powering six 7.5-inch DC motors.

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