Drag Race

2,000-HP GT-R Goliath Hits The Highway Against 2,000-HP UGR Lamborghini

Launch control plus 2,000 horsepower means you've got no chance.

Switzer Perfomance’s Goliath GT-R does some serious damage to the drag strip in this video. It eats the lunches of just about every other car it goes up against, with one exception. Underground Racing knows that to defeat Goliath you need some serious power, and its twin-turbo Gallardo is more than up to the task. Watching these two giants duke it out on the highway while hitting 214 mph is a thing of pure beauty.

What makes this even better is that you may one day see this GT-R in the wild as it is a daily driver, which means it could roll up to your next red light.

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