2,000HP Ford GT Clocks 278 MPH Obliterates Texas Mile Record

Hennessey’s record has been well and truly annihilated.

Beeville is home to the Texas Mile, a twice-yearly event that brings together the most powerful cars on the planet. Hennessey’s twin-turbo Ford GT has been the daddy here over the past few years, setting the world record for the standing mile by reaching a top speed of 267.6 mph back in March. That record, according to the Texas Mile Facebook page, has now been smashed with a M2K Motorsports-built 2,0000-hp Ford GT hitting 278.2 mph during the 1,600-meter sprint.

Details of the car are limited, but word on the street is that Hennessey employees may have had a hand in its creation. Given the Texan tuner’s previous, we wouldn’t be at all surprised.

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