2,000HP Gallardo is a Drag Strip Beast


The other cars at the drag should have stayed at home.

With a smidgen over 2,000 horsepower this awesome Lamborghini Gallardo never gave its drag strip rivals a chance at the 10th Anniversary Event of the Moscow Unlimited 500+. And these were no ordinary rivals. We're talking a 1,000-hp Godzilla and the 700hp Juke that recently took a Veyron all the way to the line. Underground Racing is of course the company responsible for the insanely powered Raging Bull, fitting a custom air intake, cooling system and high flow fuel pumps primed for racing fuel.

The quarter mile time is an unspectacular 10.293 seconds, but it manages to hit the mile mark in a shade over 23 seconds at a speed of 230 mph. Now that's what we're talking about.

Source Credits: undergroundracing.com

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