2,400-HP Semi Races Volvo Race Car On The Track

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Race car versus absurdly powerful semi truck...what are they thinking?!

The Swedes tend to get a bad reputation for being pushovers due to the fact that they avoid confrontation, but don't think for a second that it doesn't mean they aren't just as crazy as the rest of us. If automotive pioneers like Christian von Koenigsegg haven't proved that yet, then look at Volvo and its tradition of pulling off crazy stunts just to help sell trucks. Previous incidents include having Van Damage split two Volvo trucks and even racing one 2,400-horsepower semi-truck for no sane reason.

Well, if you guessed that the automaker is back at it again, you're right because Volvo has just unleashed the aforementioned 2,400-horsepower Iron Knight Racing truck onto a race track. This differs a bit from the old challenge where the truck had nothing else to do but complete a drag race for time.

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This time, the odds are skewed out of its favor because, while 2,400 hp is good at motivating damn near anything, the kind of mass that a semi truck has makes it not so ideal for the corners. Things get worse when you realize that the Iron Knight's competitor is a born and bread Volvo race car, the S60 Polestar TC1. Its lighter weight and turbocharged four-banger making 400 hp means that it can accelerate from 0-60 mph in the same time as the Iron Knight, but on the race track, numbers have a way of falling to the whims of physics and driver skill. On the drag strip, the Knight is the winner, but what about when the road gets twisty?

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