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2,500 HP Hot-Rod is the Ultimate Stocking Filler

Powered by two 9.4-liter supercharged V8s, this one-off Ford would make Santa blush.

If you’re disappointed with this year’s Christmas presents, consider asking Santa to make up for it next year with this no-expense-spared custom-built “Twice Blown” 1932 Ford Sedan Delivery. Power comes from two identical Keith Black all-aluminum 9.4-liter Hemi engines, complete with Eagle rank & rods, Ross 9.2:1 pistons and a glut of other goodies, which have a combined output of 2,500 horsepower. Each motor has its own fuel system, starter, alternator and computer system which can be tuned separately.

The chassis has been custom engineered to handle the colossal power and paired with a fiberglass Gibbon body. Putting all those ponies to the tarmac – yes this thing is street legal – is a two-speed manual shift box that drives the rear wheels via a Mosier Dana 60 differential with 3.54 ratio and 35 spline axles. Other mods include Wilwood disc brakes all round, a stainless-steel front axle assembly, a custom interior and a dual nitrous setup with LED lit up purges, for when you really want to impress the ladies. The one-off machine has never been raced, yet the seller claims it is not a show piece. Hemmings is who you should contact if you want this beast, which comes priced at $209,900.

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