2 BMWs You'll Never Be Able To Buy If You Live In The US, But Good Luck

Yes, that's a random cow.

The official word coming from BMW is that both the 2-Series Gran Tourer and 2-Series Active Tourer are too small for the US market. But we all know the real reason why neither one is coming stateside: because front-wheel-drive BMWs suck. In a recent report from Automotive News, a BMW rep confirmed that both vehicles, which could be considered MPVs, aren’t long enough for what Americans consider to be proper minivans. There’s truth in that; just look at the now discontinued Mazda5 MPV.

It's not like that great, but sadly overlooked, model ever sold in huge numbers. But really, a proper BMW has its power sent to the rear wheels. OK, we’ll take all-wheel drive too, and the thought of it combined with anything from the M division sounds just as tempting as bacon-topped pizza fresh out of the oven. And if you must, must have a FWD BMW, you’ve still got options, and it’s called anything from Mini. And next year the redesigned X1 crossover will arrive on a new FWD platform. So there’s that, too.

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