2 Chainz Smoking Weed In A $500K DeLorean Is The Best Thing You'll See All Day


And by "The Best" we also mean the worst.

There's just so much ridiculous stuff going on in this video clip that we don't even know where to begin, but we'll give it our best shot. Rapper 2 Chainz went for a visit to West Coast Customs to film for his show, The Most Expensivest Shit. The rapper toured around the shop and checked out some of the insane custom rides on display all whilst smoking an absolutely massive doob. However, the main highlight of this enlightening video is when the hazed out rapper lays his eyes on a $500,000 DeLorean re-make.

This particular DeLorean was co-designed with the help of Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am, and 2 Chainz looked like he was in love with the car. Although we're not so enamored with this overpriced DeLorean, there's something about the stoned rapper puffing a massive joint in the seat of this thing that just made our day.

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