2 Guys Unfazed About Just Plowing into River

Nothing strange or unusual about this.

By now we’ve all seen plenty of dash cam videos out of Russia or Russian-speaking countries that have put into question many laws of physics. In other words, nothing should surprise all that much anymore. At this point, it’s all normal and we wouldn’t expect to see anything less bizarre. So perhaps this latest video fits that description perfectly. This driver and passenger weren’t doing anything particularly dangerous with the exception of driving too fast while going around a turn. The pair ends up going off the road and into the water.

There’s no shouting or anything to indicate concern for their safety. The basic translation of their discussion post-accident is as follows: Oh, we float! Where do we go? I don’t know, maybe to the shore. Don’t steer the wheel, it’s useless. You don’t say Sherlock.

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