2 McLaren MP4-12C GT3s for Sale

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Apparently Gemballa is done racing its McLaren GT3s, so it's putting them up for sale at 350,000 euros each.

What could possibly be better than a McLaren 12C? Well, a McLaren P1, for starters, but how about a racing version of the 12C? McLaren has only made 25 examples of the MP4-12C GT3, and plans to build several more for the 2013 racing season. But if your name is not on the list, there are two up for sale on high-end shopping site JamesList.com. The 12C GT3s in question were bought by Gemballa Racing, a team affiliated with the embattled Porsche tuner, but were not actually modified by Gemballa.

Not that they need to be: the GT3 model packs a 608-horsepower 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8, with a more aggressive aero package, rolling stock, brakes and more, all optimized for the track. One was built to race in the ADAC GT Masters and the other for the VLN series in Germany. Interested buyers might include privateer racing teams or wealthy gentlemen racers who just want a race-spec toy to play with and aren't willing to wait for delivery on the new Can-Am edition. The seller suggests they might even be able to be converted for street use, but that will likely depend on local regulations. The price? A princely 350,000 euros apiece, before taxes and delivery.

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