$2 Million Bugatti Veyron Insurance Claim Case Heads to Trial

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The man behind this insurance claim faces a fate similar to his Bugatti Veyron's watery demise.

We caught wind of this story back in March, when this 2006 Veyron was put up for sale on an insurance company's auction salvage website under the title 'flood damaged.' The accompanying video, which we've added again for your viewing pleasure, shows the Veyron being driven into a lagoon. Andy House, the man behind the wheel, claims an errant pelican caused him to swerve off the road and thus filed for a $2 million insurance payout.

The fact the insurance company received the claim just three weeks after House took out collector-vehicle insurance on the supercar raised a few eyebrows and triggered an investigation. A federal complaint was later filed in 2010 by the insurance company who claimed their investigation proved that House intentionally drove the Bugatti into a Galveston lagoon to destroy it and receive a big payout. The fact he clocked up over 1,200 miles in this short timeframe also meant he was in breach of his collector's insurance policy.

Witnesses at the scene, including the man behind the video, claim House didn't seem overly upset by the incident, and that there was also no pelican in sight. Further, no skid marks to indicate braking were found on the scene and the Veyron was left running for 15 minutes while submerged, causing it to die on its own and cause unnecessary damage to the engine. In his defense, House claims he was being bitten by mosquitos so was forced to abandon the car.The most damning evidence however may come from a confidential informant, who says Mr. House offered to pay him money to steal the car and burn it so he could collect on the insurance.

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The Texas man's fate now lies in the hands of the jury.

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