2 Reasons Why Jeremy Clarkson Didn't Totally Manhandle That Top Gear Producer


Hey, he was drunk and hungry.

Details are still coming in as to what exactly happened between Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson and producer Oisin Tymon. We know Clarkson punched the guy and it was supposedly because he was late bringing him an 8oz steak. We'd be angry about that, too, but to physically take a swing at a man for it? Oh yeah, it turns out Clarkson was also drunk. So why didn't an intoxicated and hungry Clarkson not totally beat the crap out of Tymon?

Two reasons: co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May, who grabbed him during the alleged attack, preventing it from going any further. "When Jeremy hit Oisin, Richard and James grabbed him to stop him from going in again," one source stated. "Afterwards, they seemed shocked and stayed with Oisin, asking if he was OK, while Clarkson returned to the bar." Supposedly Oisin doesn't want to see Clarkson sacked and prefers to see him head to anger management counseling instead. May later claimed that Clarkson was "blind drunk" and doesn't know what happened. In the meantime, the contracts for all three hosts are up at the end of the month, and negotiations have been put on hold during the investigation.

Source Credits: www.mirror.co.uk

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