2 Reasons Why The BMW M3 Is No Longer The Ultimate Driving Machine

Not at all controversial.

For years, it was BMW that built the ultimate driving machine. Heck, that became the German brand’s official tagline. And the car that best fit that description? The M3. No other automaker offered something that could beat it in any type of competition. Literally everyone, from Infiniti to Lexus, tried and failed. Until now, that is. If you’ve ever underestimated what Cadillac and Mercedes-AMG are capable of in terms of power, refinement, track dynamics and attitude, then you’re about to get a dose of reality.

There are two reasons why, and they’re called the 2016 ATS-V and C63 AMG S, respectively. Still not convinced that both are M3 killers? Motor Trend recently compared the two and even came up with a winner.

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