2 Reasons Why The Koenigsegg One:1 Record Lap At Spa-Francorchamps Could Have Gone Better

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Pretty much everyone but Koenigsegg is satisfied by the result.

Only a few days ago, Koenigsegg announced that its One:1 megacar set a new lap record at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit in Belgium. Clocking in at 2:32.14, this is more than a full second faster than its previous attempt of 2:33.26. Yes, Koenigsegg beat its own record for a road-legal production car. The Swedish carmaker also stated outright that there's still room for improvement. How so? Here are the two specific areas that were highlighted.

1. Tires. Koenigsegg claims the tires the One:1 ran on that day weren't so fresh. They used a set of Michelin tires that come with the car when it's delivered to customers.

2. Noise limits. Believe it or not, Belgium has a law stating that public lapping allows cars to reach 103 dB. The One:1 has a level of 110 dB. To overcome this, Koenigsegg had to make adjustments to the exhaust system, which could very well have weakened performance.

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