2-Series Prices Leaked, Entry Coupe Deceptively Expensive

But then, it's not really surprising. BMW has been doing this for a long time.

German luxury brands can always be relied upon to extract more of your money than you had originally planned to give them. With Porsche, there’s the endless stream of special editions, but since that practice doesn’t work so well with more mainstream cars, BMW has their infamous options list, which is pushed most with its less expensive models, and the upcoming 2-Series will be no exception.

Base price for the 228i is $33,025 with the destination charge, a price nobody is likely to actually pay. The M235i comes in at $44,025, although this can jump to about $52,000 if you’re looking to add all the bells and whistles. But the M comes with a lot more as standard, with the premium package serving as a good example. This costs $4,050 on the 228i, but is $2,300 on the M235i. The technology package is $2,150 for either model, as are the $700 and $950 driver assistance packages. A well-equipped 228i can easily head north of $40,000, and well beyond for a really determined buyer.

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