2 Venenos Coming to America

Aside from the show prototype, just three additional Lamborghini Venenos will be built for extremely wealthy and loyal buyers.

The owner of Lamborghini Long Island will officially become the first of just three customers in the world to receive the absolutely bonkers $4 million Veneno when it arrives on US shores. Antoine Dominic is the owner of the New York-area Lamborghini store and he specifically stated plans to put his Veneno on display in his dealership showroom so that others can enjoy it as well. Yes, that means you’ll likely be able to check it out in person if you ever take the drive up the 495 towards the Hamptons.

The second Veneno is also coming to the US, bought by one Kris Singh, Managing Director of Tequesta Investments in Florida. Singh is a true Lamborghini man and plans on driving his Veneno around Florida as much as possible. Both men are real supercar guys who share a true love for, you guessed it, Lamborghinis. A grand total of just four Venenos will be built with the aforementioned two soon to be in the hands of US owners. The third is heading to an owner in the Middle East while the prototype displayed at Geneva will be heading to the Lamborghini Museum in Sant’Agata.

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