20,000 Tons Of Trash Has Piled Up On The Streets Of Beirut

Well, this sucks (and stinks).

In a country that already has problems beyond problems, there’s now another problem: trash, and lots of it. Since July 19, the main garbage company in Lebanon hasn’t been able to collect a total of 20,000 tons. It simply has nowhere to dump it all, and now parts of Beirut are covered in trash. According to reports from the Associated Press and Fox News, protestors in Lebanon have now closed off a major coastal highway in the coastal town of Jiyeh that links to the southern part of the country.

These protestors and other activists prevented several garbage trucks from entering the Kharoub region, south of Beirut. That region is also the location of a large landfill but residents complained that it was hazardous to them and the environment. The government has far done nothing to resolve the crisis.

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