Goodwood Festival of Speed

20 Minutes of Zen - HD Supercar Sounds and Shots from Super Sunday

Goodwood’s Supercar Sunday is quite the English event.

Last Sunday marked the Goodwood's annual Super Sunday event at southern England locale. It was a bit rainy on the day, however that didn't deter YouTube user Shmee150 from shooting some excellent footage of the event.

Super Sunday at Goodwood is held every year and showcases some of the best cars England and Europe have to offer. Shmee counted in his clip a trio of Ferrari 599 GTOs, a five-spot of Lamborghini Aventadors, a pair of Pagani Zondas (AB and F) and Lamborghini Countaches, a Bugatti Veyron and a Koenigsegg CCR, amongst others. How many can you count? Check out the preceding clip above for all the action from Super Sunday in southern England.

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